Why a new church?

Why a new church? Hendersonville has many wonderful churches but we believe there is a niche for a church that fosters a community that walks with each other as Christ walks with us (John 1:14). New Creation church serves to be a highly relational church that is driven to serve the family and others. One is by inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers to participate in small groups. These will meet in homes throughout the community (Chiildcare is provided). The frequency will depend upon the particular group. Another way to participate in the life of New Creation Church is to attend any of our open events, gatherings, or classes. Any of these settings will be a way in which you can discover who we are and what we value as a community. 

The attractiveness of our church centers around a deep sense of loving Christ and learning how to live in “the way” He taught in scripture. We desire all to be free to use their unique gifts in the life of the church whether in worship, serving, or in their work. This creates strong value for who we are becoming and high accountability to live in a way that is beyond a one hour once a week worship gathering. Though we believe corporate worship is good, we hope to put just as much of our emphasis on the joys and struggles of each day. At the same time, we are exctied and challanged to value low control of the mission that is happening during the week. We do not seek to set parameters on how church is carried out the rest of the week. We want to be a congregation celebrating all the many ways in which we are called to live our faith as doctors, waiters, lawyers, teachers, facility managers, those in retail, and all the endless gifts that God has uniquely given.