A Covenant Community

On May 18th 2013, our community started a new phase in our journey. Using the scriptural definition of covenant we invited one another to enter into a covenant (much like a marriage) between God and one another. It is our way of talking about membership without using the actual term membership. Membership in our culture gives us a sense of entitlement and privilege. Covenant, however, speaks to the relational nature of the church community and the sense of giving that takes place as one enters into that relationship.  This covenant language continues today as our community grows in discipleship.


In 2009, Middle Tennessee Presbytery created a New Church Development team to discern the viability of a New Church Development in Hendersonville, TN. After over a 1 year of extensive prayer and research it was determined that God was opening a way for new church to be formed in Hendersonville that would serve to be a unique body reaching out to the community in new ways.  

First Presbyterian Church of Nashville picked up from the Presbytery's hard work in 2010. With the vision to be the most generous congregation in Nashville and with the help of the Eiken Endowment First Church took on the leadership and financial responsibilities of planting a church in Hendersonville. First Presbyterian Church immediately formed a New Church Development Committee that would soon call an Associate Pastor for New Church Development.

By the end of 2011, they called Rev. Keith Gunter to plant a new church in Hendersonville. Keith joined the staff of First Presbyterian in 2012 and quickly began work in Hendersonville to continue the heart of First Church's mission "to know Christ, and to make Christ known." By the fall of 2012, a small group of diverse families were meeting in Keith's home for worship and study. Today, New Creation Church is entering into a new phase of ministry seeking to connect to the community by strategically locating itself in the heart of Hendersonville.